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Discover Our Collection of Fashion Photos

The photographers selected by YellowKorner stage the legends of fashion in creative ways. In this category, on the one hand you will find the major figures of the catwalk and, on the other, those who are usually the masterminds behind the designs. Between retouching sessions and studio shoots, from Paris, France, to Milan, Italy, this theme evolves over time and traverses the generations. These photos highlight both the beauty of the models and the work of the couture teams. The dresses or other garments are sublimated by a particular shooting technique, lighting, or exposure times, which only photographers specialising in this style of photo master. Explore these original images in settings as sensual as they are personal. In this way, you will heighten your interior by fostering a resolutely contemporary mood. You will obtain a modern, chic decor that is also artistic and unconventional.

Limited-Edition Photographs by the Best Photographers

As experts in this specific field of art photography, the artists manage to radiate fashion among women or men through their imagery. Our collection of photographs brings together different fashion styles, thanks to our photographers’ openness to the world.
Oliviero Toscani captures legends such as Andy Warhol. In these sleek, carefully wrought black-and-white images, you can also discover Marylin Monroe lying on her couch, in a natural pose, or Freddy Mercury onstage in the middle of a show. Photographer Rie Rasmussen has been in this business for a long time. She quickly became the woman behind the catwalk shots of Victoria Secret, but has also appeared before the cameras. Besides her career as an actor, she features among the best models, notably featuring many times in Vogue magazine. In these images, she offers dreams and inaccessibility. She masterfully places the man or woman that she is photographing on a pedestal. YellowKorner can guide you in choosing a modern interior decoration, thanks to the fascinating images of these deified creatures. Very often, the legends of fashion pose nude for portraits charged with sensuality. In this collection of numbered limited-edition photographs, you will also find the black-and-white images of the best world-renowned fashion photographers, such as Bert Stern, Cecil Beaton, or Horst P. Horst.

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