ESIN spent most of his childhood with his grandmother, on the little island of Gorée (Senegal). In her colonial home, treasures from all over the world were accumulated. African art, fabric, beads, jewellery… ESIN was exposed to many forms of fine art and it developed his creativity. When he wasn’t on Gorée Island with his grandmother, ESIN spent precious moments in Turkey, in an old troglodyte house in Cappadocia. He was only a child at the time, but this eastern experience continued to fuel his inspiration and pervade his creations later on. It was not until 2014 that ESIN’s creativity was first revealed to the general public. He had just finished film school and launched a brand of clothing and jewellery. He thus gave his vision and passion for photography free rein. Constantly on the lookout for new publishing techniques to express his creativity, ESIN has since come to stand out as a multidisciplinary artist and rising talent.  ... See more See less