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    Explore the world’s most luxurious villas

Our YellowKorner art experts have chosen the most beautiful art photographs for you, in limited and numbered prints. The photographs are available in the format of your choice and pickup in the gallery is free of charge. From timeless works in black and white, to cityscapes, to photos from big-name fashion photographers, come discover the artistic universe of YellowKorner. Being a lawyer and a photographer: one does not preclude the other. Bernhard Hartmann, whose landscape photos are showcased on YellowKorner, is living proof. His self-taught journey in art photography has earned him “Photographer of the year” by a Swiss publication. He has also won the “International Color Awards”, the “Panoramic Epson Awards”, and the “American Black and White Photo Awards”. His success comes from his photographic works of theatre and opera stages as well as other legendary public spaces. His beautiful black and white photographs have been exhibited all around the world. Whether photographing celebrities or ambassadors for brands such as L’Oréal, or taking black and white artistic fashion photos, Damien Dufresne masters both. In short, he takes different black and white artistic photos. Between urban body art, art photography, makeup and creative fashion direction, the artist excels at what he does. For thirty years, Damien Dufresne has worked as a professional makeup artist, all the while taking advantage of the opportunity to photograph his subjects. Some of his masterpieces have appeared in publications by “Assouline” and have travelled all over the world. In the universe of interior decoration, framed photography has become an indispensable ornamental object. Dream -inspiring, a large number of these works of limited-edition art photography are available via YellowKorner. Some are signed by Ludwig Favre, a well-respected name in the world of black and white art photography. During his many voyages in a world filled with skyscrapers, bricks, and cement, nothing has escaped his eye. His strength lies in showcasing the vitality of the big city. Sport , nature , ordinary scenes, yet the photographer glorifies them. Some of his photos have been used by well-known events or brands like the US Open or Visa Platinum. Pedro Jarque Krebs sublimates the animal world. The big cats and other wild animals he photographs in their intimate natural habitat engage with the photographer without holding back. When he was 10 years old, Krebs travelled to the Amazon, and that trip totally overwhelmed him. He realised that wanted to become a photographer, specialising in black and white art photography. His works have won many prizes, including the “Prix de la Photo (PX3)”.  ... See more See less