Richard Hirst is one of Australia's leading landscape photographers. His main interests are the pristine beaches and cityscapes around Sydney, a city he has remained loyal to and admired for over 30 years. His passion for photography began when he was only 16 years old and spent most of his days capturing black and whites of the beautiful Australian megalopolis before developing them in a darkroom set up in his parents' basement. Self-taught, he owes his talent to the experience he has acquired over the years and to the numerous meetings with other well-known artists in the country. Waking up every morning before dawn to capture the city in a different light and from a different angle, his collection of images paints an intense portrait of the megalopolis. With the advent of social networking and digital photography, Richard Hirst has gained a reputation on the web.  ... See more See less

" I've traveled a lot around the world, but Sydney is a favorite subject for me because it's a beautiful mix of nature and artificial structures."