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Mastering his subject like none other, Richard Hirst is one of the greatest photographers of Australian landscapes. He is mainly interested in the pristine beaches and legendary views around Sydney, a city to which he has remained loyal, and for which he has professed his true admiration ever since he was a teenager. The golden sand shines through his lens and the crowds resemble small, disparate, colourful dots on the beach. A blissful atmosphere naturally emanates from the artist’s aerial images.


Every morning at dawn (around 5 am), he goes to the Sydney coast to make the most amazing images. He meets surfers facing the ocean waves, observes the movement of the clouds and the appearance of the sun on the most beautiful beaches of Sydney. His style is both dramatic (intensity of colors, contrasting light, storms) and silent. He shoots in RAW format and then edits his images using Lightroom and Photoshop.

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