Javi Lorbada


Javi Lorbada is a travel photographer based in Madrid. Born and raised in Spain, he has not always been an adept of the eighth art. Javi Lorbada is a developer of educational mobile applications. At 24, when he moved to Amsterdam to develop his career, he met personalities from all over the world. He was thus exposed to different cultures and nourished a growing need for travel. A few years later, his mind was made up: he quit his job and set out on an adventure. Nepal, Jordan, Chile, India, Australia, New Zealand… Javi Lorbada immortalised each discovery through his camera lens and very quickly, what had begun as a pastime to document his journeys became a passion and later, a true career. Commissioned by many brands, the Madrid-based artist now specialises in landscape and sports photography.  ... See more See less