Whether it be sports cars, vintage or more modern cars, on a circuit or in the studio, car photography has always been of interest. Cars effectively represented a novelty early in the technological revolution ; they were emblematic of the freedom of men and women, who were suddenly able to move freely and easily.

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Our Collection of Photographs of Vintage or Modern Cars

Often practised by automotive enthusiasts, car photography is nevertheless no mean feat. It requires excellent knowledge of your camera and its settings, since the goal is to obtain beautiful light, to have beautiful – and technically competent – photos. The car is also a technological feat, in terms of its conception, design, and speed. That is why automotive photography remains unique in its genre, owing to its precision and its unique subject. It is a fetish object in constant evolution. With this collection, YellowKorner presents the best of artistic car photography, in numbered limited edition.

Limited Editions by Our Famous Photographers

Photographers know how to play with the characteristics of vehicles to shoot images with great finesse: the light, reflections on the bodywork, the interiors of the cars with the back seats made of prestigious leather, the colours or contrasts between materials… There is so much to capture and transform, to create much more poetic images than would seem possible at first glance. As with all photographic styles, each photographer affirms their own style by showcasing their world. Would you like to revive the atmosphere of the race track? Discover the work of Laurent Nivalle. He endlessly photographs car races and new cars, but depicts the whole atmosphere of these very special moments of extreme sport, between tension and expectation, nervosity and beauty. More than just a series, he offers a true homage to automotive sport and particularly to the legendary competition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Rene Staud’s Classic Cars collection has a very different atmosphere. He treats the car like a model before a fashion photographer’s lens, using powerful reflectors that distribute the light homogenously and atmospherically across his subject. In this way, he propels emblematic vintage cars centrestage: from Porsches to Cadillacs or Chevrolets and Aston Martins.

But how can we talk about car photography without mentioning the American dream? Olivier Lavielle is infatuated with the period from the 1930s to 1970s and offers us a leap back in time, with photos of collectors’ old and vintage cars. His series of red cars allows spectators to relive the golden age of driving along Route 66 at the wheel of an old Mustang. We note the importance given to details, the reflections, and the finely wrought black and white and contrasts characteristic of this bygone era.

 Discover our collection of car photographs, available in a wide range of prices, with finishes set against a white background and in various dimensions, on yellowkorner.com or at our galleries.

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