Discover the advice and inspiration of our experts to help you redecorate your interior. Allow yourself to be inspired by our stagings and see how photographs can change your decoration, but also your rooms. Our photos can transform your living areas by providing light, space, and depth to your rooms and above all a mood. Our wide range of photographs is available in limited editions in various formats and finishes.

Photography for the Bedroom

Parental Suite

In lighter, more neutral tones, we offer a choice of photographs for the bedroom that are more urban, and darker, to give maximum space and depth to your interior. You can opt to have our art photographs with the aluminium support finish and matte acrylic glass,,or an optimal rendering of your photo.
Discover our artists like, Ludwig Favre, with his photographs of North American cities.

Among our large range of themes, we recommend the cities and landscape categories to give your bedroom a broader dimension. You can also skim through the animal photographs, with our very colourful selection of artworks, which will bring light and freshness to your room. Find our colourful animal photos by Pedro Jarque Krebs. Our experts recommend selecting thealuminium support finish, with acrylic glass excellent colour rendering.

Children’s Bedroom

Many inspirations have also been devised for your children’s bedrooms. Set out beyond your dreams, thanks to our myriad different photographs. You will fly over different horizons, continents, countries, cities etc. Feel free to filter your photo searches, through keywords or colours, by targeting your wants and needs. For your children’s rooms, we’d like you to discover artists like Nikolaj Callesen, a Danish artist, who loves representing contemporary culture.

For very feminine bedrooms, don’t hesitate to look at the photographs in our fashion,category, or black-and-white fashion,  creating a jumble of photos. You could also create a composition of photographs based on our animal photographs, to sublimate your children’s bedroom. Explore our major artists like Shirli Jade Cashwell, Pedro Jarque Krebs or Nolwenn Hadet with her photographs of polar bears..

For bedrooms in a more masculine style, you can find a wide range of photos in our sports, categories, with photos of planes, car, or surfing. Find inspiration in the work of our major artists like René Staud, Stephane Gil, or Olivier Lavielle.  We have wonderful photographs in all colours, with a wide range of themes that will highlight your interior and brighten up your children’s day.


Your Living Area

The lounge, the key element in your interior. This central room deserves to be embellished with our artistic photography. Feel free to test the option « see the artwork at home » allowing you to project the artwork of your choice onto your walls with the help of a QR code.

Through the four photos below, you will see what a great effect the photos you choose can have on the overall look of your lounge. They can bring light, depth, and height. Don’t hesitate to come in to yourlocal gallery, o obtain personalised advice suited to your interior. Our wide collection of photos enables you to give your lounge a mood or a style. Your choice of photos can become the asset and focal point of your lounge.  Among our inspirations below, find the best sellers by our artists like Mark Dobson with his shots of wild waves, Matthieu Ricard, Sophie Belloni-Vitou, or Olivier Lavielle, with his photos of exceptional cars.


The Master Room

The kitchen! Of course you can decorate your kitchen. Whether it is small, average, or large, give it some charm by hanging a photograph on the wall. This room is often more difficult to decorate. That is why our experts recommend and showcase our photographer Gildas Pare, who will inspire you in the choice of photographs for your kitchen. His series Food Waste highlights all of the ambiguity of food waste, capturing the image of destroyed foodstuffs using a photographic procedure with a strong advertising connotation. Why not decorate your kitchen with a composition made from this series of photos ? 

In a more contemporary and modern spirit, you could instead look at our timeless black-and-white photographs. Wildlife, cities, architecture photography, and more. All of these categories contain iconic photos to decorate your kitchen and give this room a real boost. Artists like Pedro Jarque Krebs, Laurent Baheux orAndrea Pavan are among our best sellers.


Customise Your Space

Naturally, for almost two years now, your office has become a very important room in your home. It is vital to give importance to the decoration of your office. Build a warm and pleasant environment there that you’ll feel good working in. Don’t worry, we’ve selected certain photos that will adorn your office. Discover artists like Lia Mstislavskaya, who explores and showcases portraits of women in black and white. In a different style, you can check out travelphotos, like those of our artist Jörg Dickmann, who will help you travel the world.