Contrary to popular belief, photographers are not simply focused on taking portraits of the greatest actors and directors of their day. They also capture their acting skills, the complexity of this profession that fuels so many dreams, and the ‘other side’ of Hollywood, behind the scenes.  ... See more See less

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Photography and film are very similar and complementary arts. A basic demonstration of this is the fact that there are no great films without a great director of photography! With this collection in numbered limited edition, YellowKorner would like to showcase the world of cinema as seen through the lens of photographers. Through this series, (re)discover the history of cinema through its greatest films, from Kubrick to Tarantino, Audrey Hepburn to Brigitte Bardot, without forgetting the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Photographing cinema reveals a combination of talents, that of the photographer who can capture the moment, the gaze, the strength… and that of the artist captured in portrait. It is this ensemble that gives such intensity to the photographs of Nicolas Guérin, artist appears to speak directly to the lens. As an element of interior decoration, these photographs are very sober and truly elegant. They are also very powerful and captivate the gaze, as if a guest was there, just beside them… Photography agencies like the Keystone Agency or Gamma own thousands of images of the biggest stars of American, French, or world cinema. Since many photographers made up their ranks, they reveal a wide range of perspectives and styles: highly posed photography in the studio, spontaneous photos in the street or at the beach, action shots on set or on location… From the portrait of Clint Eastwood to that of the legendary Grace Kelly, or the vintage photography of Jacques Tati, you will find the perfect portrait of your favourite idol.  ... See more See less