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With this surprising collection, YellowKorner wishes to showcase the talent of photographers who so brilliantly capture the city in all of its multiplicity. There are as many perspectives of the city as there are different cities. Passionate about travel and the discovery of societies, histories, and cultures, photographer Aurélien Villette is an excellent ambassador for the city. Through his photographs, you can experience exploration from one side of the planet to the other. He invites the spectator to the heart of atypical hotels in Japan, as well as among the ruins of Italian villas. He offers a vertiginous view of a spiral staircase or highlights the erosion of Venice’s waterside facades. Beyond revealing cities, he talks about their history and their present issues with one click of the shutter. Franck Bohbot strives to convey a new language in his images. Most inspired by the nocturnal world and major modern cities, he presents a glimpse of monuments and architecture within tumultuous landscapes of light and motion. From New-York to Paris, he presents a very lively vintage photography. Within an interior, his images become a source of great joy, with a hint of enchantment. For Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui, Tokyo is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In this collection, he offers bewitching photographs with rare poetry. His style is particularly recognisable owing to its plays of light and pronounced contrasts. He emphasises alleyways, light fixtures, building entrances, or trees through touches of saturated colour in the heart of the dark night. What a fantastic eye… In this urban collection in numbered limited edition, you will also fall for the charm of the photographs of bridges, the Golden State, and monuments in black and white … captured by the best artists.  ... See more See less