“Since childhood, I have always loved expressing myself either through painting, drawing, theatre, or graphic creation.” Now based in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on Papeete Island in French Polynesia, French artist Hélène Havard expresses her creativity through photography. The first turning point in her career occurred when she was 28. At the time, she was living in Paris and although she’d been following a conventional career path for several years, she decided to radically change her plans. Since her passion for photography was becoming stronger and stronger, she enrolled at the EFET School in Paris to learn the profession. Armed with her diploma, she started working on the sets of film shoots and for the stage, before flying to the island of Bora Bora. There, she launched her activity as a wedding photographer and her success was immediate. With her videographer husband, they enchant their clients through their ability to create unique artistic compositions. In 2016, her creativity became internationally renowned. Awards and appearances flourished (in the Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, on CNN, etc.). Besides weddings, Hélène Havard devotes herself to personal art projects. Signed with a pastel shade shared by all her artworks, her photographs are imbued with gentle poetry.  ... See more See less