YellowKorner produces non-digital prints on traditional photographic paper.
These are prints of very high quality, whose finish, sharpness, and contrast are optimal both in colour and in black and white..
Under the supervision of our photographers, the prints are numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity.


Classic 40 x 50 cm

  • The print is made on photographic paper

  • The size of the print varies from one artwork to the next

  • Total dimensions (including the passe-partout): 40 x 50 cm

  • Number of prints : 5 000 per photograph

Classic 40 x 50 cm presentation

Classic 50 x 70 cm

  • The print is developed on Fujicolor Maxima paper, with a matte finish and designed for fine art.

  • The size of the print varies from one artwork to the next

  • Total dimensions (including the passe-partout) : 50 x 70 cm

  • Number of prints : 2 000 per photograph

Classic 50 x 70 cm presentation

Mur d'Artshot - Galerie de Sèvres


The passe-partout

The pH-neutral passe-partout is a 1.4 mm-thick white Dibond plate (40 x 50 cm) covered with laid paper (paper with a ribbed texture) in which a bevelled window is cut out to frame the print.

We then inscribe by hand the number of the print as well as the name of the artwork..

The passe-partout is placed over the print to create a space between it and the acrylic-glass plate of the frame and thus avoid any condensation phenomenon. It elegantly highlights the print and gives it greater depth. The certificate is placed at the back of this passe-partout, including a description of the artwork and the photographer’s biography.

The name of the photography and the print number are handwritten 


Two materials are offered for the glass plate that is placed over the passe-partout :

  • Two-millimetre thick acrylic glass for a gloss effect.
  • Museum glass , invisible, anti-reflective glass. It ensures perfect colour restitution and allows the details to emerge without the slightest alteration, so that the attention is focused on the artwork.
For Classic 50 x 70 cm format, only acrylic glass is available.

Materials presentation


The framing is divided into three distinct elements:

  • A glass plate is placed over the passe-partout. Two materials are offered : either 2 mm-thick acrylic glass , perfectly rendering the colour of the photograph, or museum glass, an anti-reflective tempered glass.
  • A protective plate on the back including two metal supports allows it to be hung (vertically or horizontally) with the help of an X hook.
  • A frame, which interconnects the two preceding elements.
Only the black aluminium framing is available in Classic 50 x70 cm format.

Frames are available in several different materials and colours :






To hang the photograph set out from the wall, you place a protective plateon the back of the photograph, allowing the structure to be stiffened. It includes two metal supports enabling it to be hung (vertically or horizontally) with the help of an X hook.

Clean with 70° pure alcohol and a microfibre cloth.

Function of the hook x

Artshot frame back

The fixation material must be adapted to the type of wall and the weight of the photograph. The average weight of an Artshot is … gr. Mounting does not guarantee permanent attachment to the wall – it may accidentally become unhooked. Do not hang the photograph at child’s height or in a place where accidental fall could cause bodily harm (for instance: above a bed).