Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Igor Vitomirov has lived in Sweden since he was twenty-two. There, he studied design and photography and turned his hobby – photography – into his career about twenty years ago. Highly influenced by photographers such as Andreas Gursky or Gregory Crewdson, he quickly developed a minimalist and aesthetic approach to photography: “My inspiration comes from observing people and their way of interacting with their environment,” he explains. “By photographing them, I want to fix human emotion onto an aesthetic image.” His artworks are regularly shown across Scandinavia and Europe, particularly in Milan (2015), Lisbon (2016), or Paris (2018). As for many artists, the digital realm plays an increasing role in his work and he is delighted about that: “Digital tools allow me to explore new dimensions in image creation,” he explains. “They give me more freedom in my work.” His photography most often combines reality and imagination. In Igor Vitomirov’s work, there is always a desire to return to the essential and to follow his creed: “Less is always more.”  ... See more See less