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Their objective is to use dreams and the subconscious as a basis for their expression.  ... See more See less


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Surrealism is an artistic movement born in the twentieth century. Artists who are part of this discipline primarily seek to combat norms and preconceived ideas. Their objective is to use dreams and the subconscious as a basis for their expression. It is an artistic trend full of freedom and originality that became popular in great part due to André Breton, the author of the Surrealist Manifesto. Today, many photographers have joined this artistic movement. In this collection proposed by YellowKorner, you can find a selection of surrealist images in a numbered, limited edition. Discover works without any logical construction that leave space for irrationality, the absurd, and the most wild of dreams. You will be amazed at these whimsical images, which, as part of your interior decoration, will encourage your visitors to give free reign to their dreams. Depending on what you are looking for, a surrealist photograph can create contrast with a room, or blend in seamlessly. But above all, it expresses emotion and sensations. In Christine Ellger’s images, you will be completely immersed in a timeless work of surrealist art that will never go out of fashion. The artist takes exceptionally beautiful images before building a story around them. You will be enthralled by her work as she set stars alight, brings together a piano and a giraffe among the clouds, or creates poetry in between undulating hills. Another artist who works in a similar style is Alastair Magnaldo. With a comparable focus on postproduction, he adds white stars into a dark sky, sends hundreds of pages of a book flying, or sets sail to a boat over sand, shells, and crustaceans. His quirky and impossible world charms so completely because the spectator is able to free their own imagination. For Andrea Pavan, the world loses its points of reference and boundaries are pushed back in all directions. He plays with shapes and architecture – his preferred domain – inviting us on voyages without a specific destination. In an interior decoration, these photographic works are completely hypnotising.  ... See more See less