George Mayer


Born in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, Georges Mayer graduated from the Urals Academy of Art and Architecture in 2004. Specialising in interior design, he successfully embarked on a career as an interior designer for three years, before making a significant career change. In 2007, Georges Mayer decided to devote his time to photography. He says, “during my cursus at the Urals Academy of Architecture, I familiarised myself with the art of painting, drawing, and composition, but also photography. I learned to use a non-digital camera, to develop my shots, and even take photograms. Later, during my three years working as an interior designer, I continued to study photography. I bought professional magazines, I practised… Until the day when, in 2007, I bought the equipment to create my first studio.” From that day on, Georges Mayer became a successful photographer and has never worked as an interior designer again.  ... See more See less