miguel vallinas

Mao 11

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About the Artist

Artwork details

Each of the hands represents an attitude or performs an act that we usually do with them. A relationship between the hands and the head is established, understanding that the hands are the immediate executors of our thoughts, and the creditors of the execution of these actions. The intention behind these images is to give more importance to what we do rather than what we think, hence the relationship between the head and the hand, the head thinks but the hand is the doer. MIGUEL VALLINAS

About the artwork

Famous for his zany food montages and his improbable portraits against black backgrounds, in which the bodies of humans are replaced by objects or animal heads, Miguel Vallinas here goes further by substituting an arm in the place of his models’ bodies! Absurd? Yes, of course, but inspiring and infinitely poetic at the same time.


The images in this series are composed of a body and a hand, the latter being placed in the place that the head would occupy. The intention here is that the viewer should be able to make a complete reading of a body and a head in which there is not really a head." "The hands are the main organ of physical manipulation of what surrounds us, the ones that provide us with the most tactile information about the environment, allow us to write, point, hold and interpret."

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