Born in Bordeaux, artist André Sanchez moved to Paris in 2000 and started to focus on photography, graphic design, and collage. He learned digital photography on the job and played around with all the possibilities it offered him. Image processing, effects, and post-production software... He experimented and created original artworks to the point that, soon, what had begun as a pastime became a passion and, over the years, a career in its own right. On the borders between photography and graphic design, his style has taken galleries by storm in the four corners of Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, and Brussels) and has drawn the attention of numerous clients, including some famous publishing houses (including Grasset, Payot & Rivages, Condé Nast, and Robert Laffont) and prestigious magazines (Le Monde, Psychologies Magazine, Rolling Stone, Libération, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times).  ... See more See less

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