john eastcott et yva momatiuk


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Every autumn, resplendent golden canopies of aspen trees blossom on steep slopes of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Their gold fills ravines, frames alpine meadows, climbs rocky ridges and reflects in cold rivers and ponds. The triangular leaves of Populus tremuloides are set on stems so fine the smallest puff of wind makes them tremble and shimmer. The cold-loving aspen trees, often tall, with smooth pale bark and black scars and knots, grow in large ancient colonies as clones of the same organism connected by their underground root system. Yet finding an outstanding aspen grove suffused by brilliant light shown in this image is not easy. Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott searched for it in winding mountain valleys and along high plateaus of the Rockies. Their task of documenting the beauty of these trees is urgent because of the massive dieback of aspen in the American West. Overgrazing by cattle, deer and elk destroys young shoots and the suppression of natural forest fires prevents healthy regeneration of aspen.

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