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How did you first become passionate about photography?
I have long worked in the studio as a make-up artist, alongside photographers, so that was how the desire to take my own photographs emerged.
What attracts you to portrait pho...

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I am told that I make people up like a painter, and I take that as a compliment, of course. But it's not true: a painter starts with a blank canvas; I start with a person, someone who lives, breathes, and inspires me. The choice of model is primordial: they are going to wear the makeup and breathe life into it. Making the model into a character using makeup without betraying their personality or using their personality to create a character – or even changing the way they look at themselves in the mirror. DAMIEN DUFRESNE

About the artwork

Damien Dufresne is an unconventional photographer: after building a reputation in the fields of cosmetics and advertising, working as an art photographer enables him to forget the rules of the fashion world. … 'Art photography provides me with real freedom; my imagination has free reign. I do not wish to be controversial but I stop at nothing. I follow my instinct. I create images that are meaningful and speak to me…’


Before starting photography, Damien Dufresne was an artist-makeup artist, he worked for major magazines and fashion houses!

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