Romany WG


Romany WG, an English photographer trained in the fine arts, was a director for many years. In 2008, he discovered Urbex, short for urban experimentation. This movement, which was long underground, brings together street artists or photographers who express themselves in abandoned locations. “We all have the memory of an old abandoned house on a street corner and the stories that were invented about it when we were kids to scare one another,” Romany WG recalls, bemused, explaining the origins of his passion for these forgotten sites. The author of many books on the subject, including Beauty in Decay, created in 2012 with 49 Urbex artists, Romany WG published a book in 2016 that combines Urbex and women models: All Is Not Lost. In this book, which collates five years of photos, he plays on the contrast between the beauty of the female form, often nude, and the decrepitude of a disused factory or hospital, the symbol of time passing and ephemeral beauty.  ... See more See less