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The heavenly Reunion Island located in the west of the Indian Ocean, is the artist’s main source of inspiration. She laid down her suitcases in the city of Saint-Gilles les Bains several years ago. Her photographic style is highly influenced by aesthetic and elegant imagery. Whether in the studio or on location, Elena Iv-skaya loves to play with the same elements: light and colour, as well as textures and forms. Having worked in the past as a model for Sonia Rykiel and Shanghai Fashion Week, the photographer manages to depict femininity through a simple, creative, and powerful style. It is not surprising that she captures the essence of her models with style, revealing their beauty through the prism of her lens. The pictorial intensity of the image “Floral Wonderland” produced in 2015 in association with Russian-Japanese designer Tatiana Meshkova is achieved through the artists’ dramatization of the scene using a trompe l’œil effect. The model merges with the decor in the background that seems to refer to the majestic floral setting created in 2012 by the Dior house of haute couture, under the direction of Raf Simons.

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