Sometimes, there are twists of fate that radically change the course of lives. In 2008, while passing through Montreal, actress Halle Berry visited an art gallery and stood fascinated before a portrait of Yves Saint-Laurent. She decided to buy it, without knowing that she would launch an artist’s career. The artist in question was André Monet. After several years as a graphic designer in the fashion and advertising industries, he embarked on a full-time artistic career. Inspired by Andy Warhol, his style relies on a technique that is all his own. The background of the painting is made of various collages, often newspaper clippings, in relation to the personality that he immortalises in the drawing. His pencil line is so precise that, at first glance, his work could be mistaken for a photograph. In 2014, when he was exhibiting in London, the gallery manager suggested he make a portrait of the royal couple, William and Kate. The portraits toured the world and eventually assured his place within the artistic hall of fame. Today, André Monet exhibits his work all over the world and still lives in Montreal, his hometown, with his wife and two children.  ... See more See less