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Why photography ?
Our busy and intense lives, with all its chaos, stress and worries, is something I want to run away from. I find peace in nature and abandoned places. Escapism is at the basis of my work and it’s the solitude I want to cap...

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About the artwork

Reginald Van de Velde was born in Belgium in 1975. Through his explorations of spaces we tend to overlook, regardless of how difficult they are to reach, he has developed a perspective that captures a sense of splendour that has yet to be disturbed by the turbulence of modern society. As a chronicler of forgotten magnificence, he works on the subject of memory. Hospitals, monasteries, prisons, train stations: these and other impressive structures are glorified in the same manner as this former asylum in Italy, photographed in 2015. The letters it holds were never given to the patients, who know nothing of the memories they contain.

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