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The artist

Born in 1966 in the continental region of Denmark, Peter Madsen was interested in the visual arts very early on. So, when it was time for him to make a decision about his tertiary studies, there was no room for doubt or hesitation: it would be photography. After graduating in 1989, he specialised in advertising photography and portraiture before becoming a freelancer in 2003. In his professional life, his camera is a tool in service to his clientele, but outside of that, it becomes his accomplice to assuage his passion: art photography. Year after year, his personal art projects gradually took up more and more space in his life, to the point where, in 2013, he decided to devote most of his energy to them. As fascinating as it is exciting, this new artistic path leads him to lose control, to give his artistic instinct the upper hand in favour of a spontaneous and attractive body of work.  ... See more See less

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For this series, Danish photographer Peter Madsen explores how the accumulation of information distances the spectator from the initial subject. To achieve this, he goes into a field and takes many different photographs of the trees he comes across, later compiling them in postproduction. The result of this digital multi-exposure appears blurry at first, inviting the spectator to take a closer look to appreciate the details.

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04 November 2020


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