Anthony Ith is a young, self-taught French photographer. He bought his first reflex camera in 2010 to immortalise his years of study in Commerce. But gradually, he was hooked: “I very quickly became interested in the technical aspect of photography and particularly the use of long exposures to take photos by night or play with the light,” he says. He particularly appreciates sunrises and sunsets, as well as the popular “blue hour”, the moment when the day is ending. It was at that moment that he, for instance, managed to immortalise the two symbols of his city, Clermont-Ferrand: the cathedral and the Puy de Dôme. With his photos, he seeks to give people the urge to “explore, discover, or rediscover their surroundings”. While he considers his home province of Auvergne as a “superb playground”, he hopes to soon be able to exercise his talents in Iceland, in pursuit of the aurora borealis.  ... See more See less