Tuul and Bruno Morandi have wandered the world for years now. One was born on the steppes, the other at the seaside. Despite the 10,000 kilometres that separated the two photographers, they met and have shared their lives and passions for the past twenty years. Tuul, an only child who grew up on the Mongolian steppes, came to Paris for her studies. After earning a master’s degree in the field of culture, she discovered a passion for graphic art and photography. Finalist for the Grand Prix Photoreportage Etudiant by Paris-Match in 2005, Tuul entered the world of photography. Trained as an architect, Bruno spent every summer as a child in his father’s homeland of Tuscany. We can imagine how those hilly landscapes bathed in light that comes directly from the artist’s palette might have influenced his way of seeing the world as well as his thirst for travel. At the age of 18, he traveled to the Himalayas and there discovered his passion for photography. Since their first meeting, the two photographers crisscross the world with rigor and passion searching for fleeting instants to capture the grace and beauty of simple gestures. Photography is for these two a pretext for meditating on the fragile beauty of the environment, whether human, natural, or cultural. They are regularly published in the international press (National Geographic US, Figaro Magazine, Géo France and Germany...). Their photographs have been chosen by HSBC and BNP Paribas banks for their advertising campaigns and have also been the subject of dozens of works including Népal, couleur et lumière (2001), Toscane Éternelle (2002), Tableaux du Rajasthan (2003), and La Mongolie de Gengis Khan (2017).  ... See more See less

" The photo we would have liked to have taken, is the next one. Because, like writers, after each photo we always start off with a blank page"