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Elisa Miller’s secret? Silencio, Contact, Grand Hotel… For each series she produces, the artist creates a story. Storyboard, scenario, decor… Everything is thought out in advance to obtain the image she wants. Her inspiration? Film, mainly American, and the films of the 1940s–90s. Her aspiration? A vintage aesthetic, of course!


The lockdowns had different impacts on artists. As Elisa couldn’t meet with people to photograph, her way of keeping creative was working with self-portraits. She started playing with still life scenes too. The absence of humans in these images reflect the isolation we were all experimenting with. The only “contact” with the outside world at that time was through the telephone. It is also a way to reach out with someone outside the frame: the viewer.


The only “Contact” with the outside world I had was the telephone, which I ironically hate. I never pick up my phone or call anyone. I say ironically because I do love the object itself and have a collection of vintage telephones, this is an element that comes back often in my photography.

That despair and feeling of being lost is represented in this photo, the worry and almost loss of identity, which was my experience as an artist. I wanted to share this with the world. This photo is powerful for me, which I thought was a good enough reason to submit it. to the IPA ( International Photography Award)

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