Committed to advocating for all movements of the photography world, YellowKorner is proud to present its new exhibition Pop Culture, opening up an expressive space for new creations from Pop culture.


When street art meets Pop Culture

Helio (also known as “Bray”) is an artist in constant transformation. Passionate and creative, he grew up far from the big city and discovered graffiti only when he began painting walls himself. Alchemy, empathy, the technique necessary for this art: all flow freely through his veins. Painting and expressing feelings and emotions are intrinsically rooted in him. Over the years, this versatile artist has tried several styles of graffiti and mixed different techniques in order to develop his own form of artistic expression.

We live in a complex world. Agitation, movement, and the mix of colours in the background of Helio Bray’s works symbolize this complexity. Next come the lines, embodying norms and responsibility, even the prisons that contain us. And despite all this, the viewer’s first impression will always be the beauty of the model.


Pop Abstraction

Born in Alpine, Texas, Mark Lovejoy is the son of an itinerant biologist. He roamed his country, the United States, with his family and later the world, with his camera. A commercial printer by trade, Mark Lovejoy taught himself photography. His geology knowledge combined with the use of several tools, all of which is then bathed in light: this is his recipe for composing powerful images. Among his influences, pictorial art plays an important role and particularly some of its illustrious representatives, such as Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vincent Van Gogh, or Mark Tobey. Using light, intensity, and energy, Mark Lovejoy is inspired by the pictorial movement to create abstract photographs. The American artist says: “The beauty of abstraction lies in the spectator’s perception and only dreamers can interpret dreams.”

"The question is... what do you see if you don't know what you're supposed to see?”

With this series of macro photographs created in the studio, American artist Mark Lovejoy tells his story. The abstract way he choses to express himself is deliberately open to interpretation. He invites spectators to get their imaginations working, to dream. In the end, the spectator realises that all stories are both different and similar, all at once.

Claude Degoutte


Claude Degoutte leads a true ode to urban art and all its richness. As early as 1985, he immortalized the first tagged subways and found himself featured in the pages of prestigious magazines.
He devotes himself to street art photography, a real urban and poetic wandering to discover the architecture of cities. He strolls at night in the streets of the Parisian capital and signs each of his drawings before photographing them and putting them online the next day on his social networks. Claude Degoutte shares his art and makes everyone travel everyone in another world.
He also launches into the photographic montage: he chooses a theme, groups the images, portraits of women, artists, more famous films, assemble them to create a mosaic of miniatures.

Portraits & collage

Louis Jover is a multi-talented Australian photographer/artist. He is known for his artwork in ink paintings on vintage book pages which he regularly adds to with collages as his famous ones.

Collage is an artistic creation that consists of combining different elements and/or materials, for example newspaper, wallpaper, photos, etc.

His contemporary works - illustrations and cartoons - have not only been exhibited but have also entered the private collections of many buyers around the world. Louis Jover 's black and white portraits of international celebrities are transformed into a childlike, messy and colorful style.

Women and fluorescent


Pol Kurucz loves color!

Very influenced by artists like Magritte or Jodorowsky and American and Japanese pop culture, Pol Kurucz is now interested in the eccentricity of celebrity fashion and is fully committed to feminism, the defense of minorities or the denunciation of consumerism. His photos are now world famous and all are more colorful than the last ones. The woman always holds the first place in his photographs, often with a vintage side and fluorescent colors. His photographs are all more surprising and eccentric. He created the Kolor Art Collective, based in Rio de Janeiro, which brings together young artists of all kinds to highlight societal problems but always with a touch of fantasy.