Cities in black & white


The City of Light in Chiaroscuro

There are a thousand and one ways of paying tribute to Paris, the City of Light. One of the most beautiful is immortalizing it in photographs. Photographers Dennis Ramos and Serge Ramelli as well as the Gamma Agency collective chose to sublimate the French capital by bathing it in black and white. Timeless symbols of the City of Light, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, are poetically transformed through plays of light and surprising perspectives. Through this selection of photographs, YellowKorner invites you to lose yourself in the streets of a rarely seen Paris, magnified through a black-and-white prism.

Eiffel Tower: the symbol of Paris. You feel tiny under her skirt! Serge Ramelli ’s dream of photographing Paris like in films has come true. His passion for photography and cinema respectively, led him to capture the iconic sites of Paris as well as the poetry emanating from the city’s architecture. Through lighting and framing effects, he succeeds in obtaining powerful, contrasting, and dramatic images that allow him to showcase the aesthetic and graphic qualities of his subjects. For this photograph, he applied a black-and-white technique to the digital format once used by American photographer Ansel Adams – the "zone system" – which allows photography to match the visual reality perceived by the artist as closely as possible.


Cruising the Canal in Black & White

Of all the cities in Italy, Venice is no doubt the most fascinating. Could it be thanks to the water all around it? To itsarchitectural treasures? Or its fabulous islands, which appear suspended between earth and sky? It’s hard to pin it down. However, YellowKorner’s photographers have been able to enhance many aspects of the City of Bridges. Artist Jonathan Chritchley wanted to convey an atypical image of this floating city. Through monochrome work, the photographer reveals rare, almost intimate images of this city living ‘down by the waterside’.

About the artwork

Jonathan Chritchley has been photographing the iconic and romantic city of Venice since 2007. His main aim was to see beyond the usual images of the city one recognises to achieve a body of work that truly reflects the beauty and glamour of this incredible place.


Capturing the Eternal Light

New-York. This buzzing city in which anything can happen has the whole world dreaming. The city that never sleeps lives at 100 mph. YellowKorner’s photographers nevertheless manage to capture it, day or night, in its eternal light. Through the use of black and white, photographers Guillaume Gaudet, Serge Ramelli, and Nina Papiorek strive to showcase the graphic qualities of the architecture they photograph, while highlighting the crepuscular atmosphere suggested by its grey, tormented skies. Places as emblematic as the Statue of Liberty, the Soho neighbourhood, or Manhattan and its famous bridges thus appear in a new, dramatic, emotional light, deliberately accentuated by the photographers. Allow yourself to be guided into the hidden corners of Broadway as far as 42nd Street, via Manhattan or Brooklyn.

About the artwork

“Walking up Mercer Street, in the SoHo district of Manhattan, you can see the Chrysler Building in the distance. The light of a late autumn afternoon particularly highlighted the glittering roof of the skyscraper that day. The poster for the exhibition “John Lennon, the New York Years” reminds us that SoHo was in the 1970s the ultra-trendy neighborhood for artists of the time.” GG


Nocturnal Wanderings

Liban Yusuf travelled to Cuba, and to Havana in particular, in order to roam the streets by night with camera in hand. The various points of view, lights, and sounds offered by the Cuban capital were thus sensational and particularly intense. The photographs in black and white reflect the fascinating nocturnal atmosphere of the downtown area, which is sublimated here under the photographer's lens. Yusuf thus invites the spectator to blend in with an urban landscape of almost cinematographic beauty.


Between Modernity and Tradition

About the artwork

Tokyo. Kabukicho district. This neighborhood is called nerenai machi: the neighborhood that never sleeps. It is the district of hostess bars, nightclubs, improbable encounters, and also of perdition. The yakusa (the Japanese underworld) run most of the stores there. Dazzling neon lights, noisy sound systems, it's the world of the angels of the night and a must for anyone who wants to feel the pulse of the new century...

About the artwork

District of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The architecture of this business district mainly comprises breathtaking, modern towers. Tube, work, grave - the salary men participating in the daily grind go to work very early wearing suits and ties.

Admire Tokyo through YellowKorner’s gaze. Through the filter of black and white, the photographers Jin Tamaoki and Xabi Etcheverry try to capture the essence of the Japanese capital by visiting its emblematic neighbourhoods both night and day. This constantly buzzing city reveals itself to be as modern as it is traditional and graceful.

Japanese artist Jin Tamaoki pays tribute to the beauty of Tokyo nights but also and above all to the splendour of the universe. In all of its contemporary reality, Tokyo is mise en abyme in a powerful natural setting.