A watershed in the life of Japanese artist Jin Tamaoki came in 2007. A graphic designer by trade, he was preparing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his fruitful agency “Design Studio Atomic” when his creative spirit encouraged him to embark on a new project. Passionate about the eighth art for many years, he decided to launch a parallel career as a photographer. Graphic designer by day and photographer by night, Jin Tamaoki is an artisan of beauty. Armed with his camera, he focuses on the glorious Tokyo nights, the four seasons in Japan, and the providence of nature. His nocturnal urban landscapes rapidly inundated magazines, calendars, puzzles, and other media destined for audiences across the globe. He has won several awards (including at the One Eyeland Photography Awards in 2018 and 2019) and continues to strive to provide the public with pictures combining depth and artistry.  ... See more See less