chloé meynier

Vaccum cleaner

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Oakland, États-Unis, Amérique

“I love the idea of creating stories that could be true but that could also be completely fictional. I see my role as a photographer to create stories that beg the viewer’s imagination to fill the gaps and lead to more questions than answers.” Chloé Meynier

About the artwork

Meticulously staged in a retro style with shimmering colours, the photographs of French artist Chloé Meynier explore the roles, vulnerability, and identities of women. She has entitled this series Wait until Dark. This collection of images was taken from unexpected angles and it is charged with an ambiguous narrative. Gentle melancholy and tensions between unseen challenges, intimacy, identity, and agency… It is up to the viewer to assemble all of the elements to imagine the fate of these fictional characters.


. Vaccul cleaner is part of the series Abandoned Dreams. Abandoned Dreams explores women's roles in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and deals with loneliness, emptiness, vulnerability and uncertainty. The images show women who are caught in relationships where love has fled and the meaning of life has become unclear. They are left waiting for someone or something to change, move or be altered. Each photograph offers a context and conveys a story, yet the absence of another character leaves the feeling that some part of the narrative has been torn away and begs the imagination to fill in the gaps.

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