chloé meynier

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Los Angeles, États-Unis, Amérique

“I love the idea of creating stories that could be true but that could also be completely fictional. I see my role as a photographer to create stories that beg the viewer’s imagination to fill the gaps and lead to more questions than answers.” Chloé Meynier

About the artwork

Meticulously staged in a retro style with shimmering colours, the photographs of French artist Chloé Meynier are a collection of images was taken from unexpected angles and it is charged with an ambiguous narrative. Gentle melancholy and tensions between unseen challenges, intimacy, identity, and agency… It is up to the viewer to assemble all of the elements to imagine the fate of these fictional characters.


“I have a lot of respect for the women of that time period and what they endured (...) basically being the backseat passengers of their own lives. ” “I wanted them to be anybody. I wanted to speak to the shared experiences of women at that time, and I didn’t want people to get wrapped up in one particular face, which is why they are all faceless. ”

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