franck bohbot

Toby's public house NY

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Why photography?
Because I can mix my passions, Cinema, Architecture, Landscapes and create my own language.
Your inspiration, especially artistic ?
Music inspires me a lot, and my inspirations evolve, according to my me...

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About the artwork

Fascinated by film iconography, Franck Bohbot’s photography revolves around the relationship between individuals and architecture. He draws up an inventory of emblematic sites using a systematic frontal view and centring, evoking the documentary approach of Bernd and Hilla Becher. Created in 2014, this image comes from the New York Light On series that captures the illuminated signs and storefronts of the American megalopolis. From one neighbourhood to the next, from alleyways to grand avenues, Franck Bohbot immerses us in a singular nocturnal world.

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