thomas sorrentino

Marine 1

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France, Europe

“I am very attached to this line of horizon which is always perfectly in the middle of my images. This notion of dialogue between heaven and water, the first two elements, is fundamental to my work.” THOMAS SORRENTINO

About the artwork

It was on an Atlantic crossing by yacht with his wife that Thomas Sorrentino discovered the beauty of the sea and has remained fascinated by it. Formerly an assistant to Yann-Arthus Bertrand, the sea became the major theme of entire series (the series Marine or Full Moon). In these, he explores the infinite variations, in colour, black-and-white, and both day and night. “I was staring at the landscape so much I became a part of it,” he says. “It was as though I was sensing eternity and fragility as though they were my own.”


Committed artist, Thomas Sorrentino, has decided to donate 10 % of the revenues from his photos to the Sea Shepherd association . As a true enthusiast of maritime excursions, it was obvious for him to turn to the NGO for the defence of the oceans, in order to preserve, to help preserve these places which are so important on earth .

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