Thomas Sorrentino is an entrepreneur. A graduate of the prestigious EDHEC Business School in 2002, he has since helmed the creation and development of some ambitious cultural and social projects. Day-to-day strategy, funding, communication, and commercialisation: he multi-tasks and he’s good at it. His background in photography began in 2005 when he became the assistant to Yann Arthus-Bertrand. With the photographer, he flew over numerous countries to produce his book Earth From Above and the creation of the documentary with a message: Home. He developed a taste for photography but also and above all the exploration of nature. In 2019, he realised a childhood dream and, with his wife, set off on an Atlantic crossing aboard a 13-metre long yacht. On his journey, he was captivated by the incessant dialogue between sea and sky and devoted a large part of his five weeks of navigation to photographing it. Regarding this experience, he says: “I was staring at the landscape so much I became a part of it, it was as though I was sensing eternity and fragility as though they were my own… Moitessier, the great writer and navigator, said that it is there, in the immense desert of the Ocean, that we can fully sense the extent to which man is at once an atom and a god.”  ... See more See less