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Compact city

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When I was travelling back from Europe, I had an intimate aerial view of Hong Kong from above. Looking down, I saw gazillions of buildings soaring high into the skies and the idea of creating a drone series offering a glimpse into the reality of living in one of the most densely populated areas of the world just sprung to my mind. I hope this series can get people to think about the high-density living in one of the world’s richest cities and the message that I’m trying to send is that HK is a great city, but lurking beneath the prosperity is a severe housing problem that depresses every dweller in this city living in horrid conditions. ANDY YEUNG

About the artwork

Born in Hong Kong, Andy Yeung’s artistic focus is mainly on architecture, landscapes and travel photography. This photographer, whose motto is to “always look up”, has tirelessly captured modern constructions that present the spectator with graphic compositions in which lines and geometric shapes intersect in a framework oscillating between optical pleasure and visual reality. Winner of the PX3 and International Photo Awards (IPA) competitions in 2015, he has shown his work in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

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