adam burton

Blue Dawn

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?Like many glacier lakes, Lake Pukaki in New Zealand derives its characteristic blue colour from the elevated level of glacial flour, made up of fine particles of glacial rock. Rock flour is carried into Lake Pukaki from the Tasman River, which is sourced from two glaciers, Tasman and Hooker glaciers, located near Mount Cook, the highest peak in the Southern Alps.? A.B.<cr/><cr/>Adam Burton favours the undulating colours of sunset, when the natural light diffuses a rare and unique atmospheric glow. While he now works mainly in digital, he started out in analogue, which spurs the photographer?s ongoing desire to bring out the best in nature itself, without adding more. Equipped with Nikon cameras and many different lenses, he is thus able to capture what he calls ?magic moments?, landscapes with great authenticity that do not require digital touch-ups after capture. <cr/>

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