The clear skies and endless dunes of the desert are a blank canvas on which everything is possible. Their vast and often entirely uninhabited lands give free rein to the imagination.

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Desert Photography Collection: Dunes and Sand

Whether on a group tour, with a guide, or in a caravan, desert trips offer timeless views. The images often reveal the depths of North Africa or the Middle East, illustrating a colourful, rugged, and yet pure natural landscape. When the photos are in black and white, the desert takes on a different angle, the sun rising behind the desert dunes and the silhouette of a camel at nightfall become filled with poetry. Or explore the image of a Tuareg, capturing ways of life that are very different from those of western culture. Put on your rucksack and set off on an adventure to explore the Sahara. In the land of Morocco, between mountains and dunes, enjoy an idyllic landscape. Like a sunset after an exhausting day's walk, the pure panorama of these arid expanses will dazzle any traveller.

About our Professional Photographers

Drawn to the wide open spaces of the most unspoilt regions of the world, YellowKorner’s photographers present a collection of desert photographs.

The photographic duo Léon and Levy offer mysterious and profound photography, their images often take unconventional shapes, elongated vertically or horizontally, capturing the desert, oasis, or the departure of camel tracks in the sand, disappearing in the wind. YellowKorner's talented photographers know how to capture the beauty of these landscapes and turn them into works of art. Their photographs, offered in limited and numbered editions, will complete any modern and elegant décor. They bring an exotic touch to any interior. Alastair Magnaldo, among others, uses this immense territory to play with light, re-arrange shapes, and create illusions. The photographer Jörg Dickmann is one of the few photographers who seeks out cities which bring desert areas to life, like Eilat in Israel, Essaouira and Merzouga in Morocco. In YellowKorner's collection, discover both fashion photographs using the dryness of the desert as a backdrop and poetically warm landscapes shaped by a soft light.

In our galleries or delivered to your home, contemplate the softness of the sandy dunes thanks to Yellowkorner's newest collection.

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