Focus on JKboy - Wild territories
Jatenipat Ketpradit, aka JKboy, shakes up the codes of documentary photography by proposing vibrant landscapes with saturated colors and portraits of tribes with neat compositions.

When "Lord of the Rings" meets National Geographic
Jatenipat Ketpradit says he is inspired by the world of fantasy, citing the film trilogy from the iconic series of novels by J. R. R. Tolkien. By scripting his shots, the Thai artist emancipates himself from the rules of traditional reportage and gives us an aesthetic reading of his explorations around the globe.

Views from elsewhere
Explosion of colors, play of light, JKboy pays tribute to the cultural heritage of the tribes he meets, without falling into the trap of exaggerated exoticism. The poses are often frontal, the looks proud, the infinite landscapes as a decor. Is it the viewer who contemplates these men and women from the other side of the world or the models themselves who observe us through the lens?

A tribe called quest
There is something timeless about the subject matter and yet the use of contemporary photographic techniques creates a kind of anachronism in the very essence of these images. Flash, post-production: the photographer does not hide his desire to sublimate reality by drawing on the aesthetic codes of cinema. Tradition and modernity confront each other and highlight the problems of these ancestral tribes, threatened by the industrial world as well as the threatened by the industrial world as well as the climatic stakes of our time.



People and their World
Exposition SOLO (Portrait) River City Bangkok, Thaïlande (2022).

Creation of the World
Exposition SOLO (Paysage) "333 Gallery", Bangkok, Thaïlande (2022).


Overall winner of the 2022 International Portrait Photographer of the Year

The second place in the International Portrait photographer of the year (Family sitting)

Award winner of Photographer of the Year at One Eyeland Awards
4 Gold and 1 Bronze, 2021

TOP 100 International Landscape photographer of the year

In addition, his works have been published in the local and International magazines such as:

Lonely Planet
Digital Camera World
Digital SLR Photography
National Geographic (Espana)
Photo & Technique International Magazine
The Guardian (UK)
The Times (UK)
View Magazine (Germany)
DOCMA Magazine (Germany)
Bangkok Post (Thailand)
South China Morning Post (China)
and more