Paris, city of Light

Paris is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in France. The City of Light is the capital of France, romanticism, fashion and culture. Its beauty is neither uniform nor conformist, it is accessible to all. YellowKorner invites you to discover the most beautiful pictures of the capital under the lens of four photographers, who have also fallen under the spell of the City of Love.



Laurent Dequick is a professional architect in his forties. His photographic work has been influenced by architecture, since it is primarily focused on ideas surrounding the contemporary city and more specifically, urban sprawl. The photographer’s message is to accurately convey the impression of freneticism stemming from population density and activity in urban zones: “As you walk down the street, the lights, noises, traffic, hustle and bustle, and mix of smells are so striking that no single shot could capture all of it. So do we have to make choices? I don’t think so and I don’t want to.” To convey in images this “congestion” of urban life, Laurent Dequick does not hesitate to juxtapose, superimpose, or imbricate his shots. He fits together photographs representing architectural complexes, highways, and people, all with the same intensity. He condenses the images like the city condenses the sum of the lives of all of its inhabitants. His style is reminiscent of cubism in its rendering that verges on abstraction in its representation of constant motion.  ... See more See less

" As you walk down the street, the lights, noises, traffic, hustle and bustle, and mix of smells are so striking that no single shot could capture all of it. So do we have to make choices? I don’t think so and I don’t want to."


Parisian nights are well known to all! Many choices are available to night owls and Paris helps us discover a new side of its beauty. The monuments, quays, and streets are illuminated. Serge Ramelli , a French photographer, has captured the most beautiful neighbourhoods and monuments in Paris by night. When we think of Paris, we think of Serge Ramelli ’s spectacular photographs: Paris is an incredible playground for fans of this type of photography, presenting at once narrow alleyways and vast boulevards. In order to capture the desired moment, photographing the capital requires specific factors to be taken into account, such as the angle of view, the framing, and the treatment of shadows on the facades.
" “I have been passionate about images and cinema for a very long time. I was on holiday with a graphic designer friend who taught me the basics of photo retouching. It was a real revelation for me.”"




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Born in Manila (Philippines), Dennis Ramos set down his suitcases in the United States after graduating in the medical sciences. In time, his passion for artistic photography made him decide to radically change his plans. He became a professional photographer, winning international awards in quick succession (Sony World Photography Awards, IPA, MPA, Monochrome Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, etc.) as well as securing prestigious publications (Black+White Photography Magazine, Photographize Magazine, Blur Magazine, Silvershotz Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, etc.). He was passionate about light in his portraits in the early days of his career, and subsequently in his architecture and marine landscape pictures. His style, as melancholic as it is aesthetic, combines black and white with long exposure times. The result, brimming with emotions, transports the audience into his poetic world.  ... See more See less

Photographer Dennis Ramos has worked it out: the combination of black and white and Paris are perfectly harmonious, a sure-fire hit for anyone! He captures the symbols of the capital through his lens, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, or the Louvre Museum. His fascination for light has encouraged him to explore compositions in which it plays a starring role.



The grand avenues and their Haussmannian facades immortalised by Guillaume Dutreix ’s lens have become star images at YellowKorner. Guillaume Dutreix , specialising in architectural photography, roams every corner of the capital in search of unusual urban landscapes.


At just 36 years of age, French photographer Guillaume Dutreix has already experienced several incarnations. A successful musician with the band Teenage Bad Girl, he produced two albums of electronic music and performed in over 200 concerts worldwide. Since 2011, after attending a technical course at the Gobelins in Paris, he decided to definitively trade his synthesisers for a camera. He inherited the talent of his amateur photographer grandfather, who developed his own portraits. It was also thanks to his avid frequentation of museums that the young photographer trained his eye and learned to compose his frames, lighting, and stagings with a concern for balance and extreme precision. With over 110 000 subscribers to his Instagram account, Guillaume Dutreix has carved out a niche for himself among the world? leading photographers. His images are not however confined to the web, they have been published in architecture magazines and exhibited in France and Belgium.  ... See more See less