Emerging Talents

Marie-Laure Vareilles, Pedro Jarque Krebs , Thibaud Poirier , Andrea Pavan and Ruslan Lobanov are 5 photographers with unique artistic universes. Their works, recently added to the YellowKorner catalogue, have been enthusiastically received. Discover the photographs from these up-and-coming artists. Let yourself be carried away by their diverging and atypical visions.


Photographic montage

Marie-Laure Vareilles is always on the other side of the world. She travels a great deal, mainly in Asia, and takes photos that she compiles, upon arriving back home, in the form of poetic montages inspired by the people she meets. Her photographs, part of our catalogue since December 2019, endlessly invite us to question ourselves about the world around us. Between contradictions and paradoxes, her artistic process consists in deforming the real with the goal of creating imaginary spaces so improbable that we’d swear they truly exist. The artist highlights the differences and similarities of the people who cohabit our planet and asks whether it might be possible to change our way of perceiving the world.

About the artwork

Marie-Laure Vareilles has photographed people throughout the world for about thirty years. Nowadays, she uses this photographic corpus to create original montages. Her objective is that “each montage becomes a story that each individual can appropriate to invent their own scenario,” always with the desire to highlight men and women of all origins and question “the uniformity of culture and thought worldwide”.


The animal world in all intimacy

About the artwork

By immortalising wild animals in their natural habitat and then working on the lighting in postproduction to display them against a neutral backdrop, Pedro Jarque Krebs aims to help break down the barrier that we have built up over the centuries concerning our relationship with the animal kingdom. The darkness of the backdrop and the play of light and shade allow the photographer to create the atmosphere necessary to take an emotional approach to them. Our contemplation of animals has always represented a means of reflecting on the origins of humanity.

Pedro Jarque Krebs , award-winning wildlife photographer, fixes his objective on this fragile natural world to attract attention to its precarious situation. His photographs aim to break the psychological and emotional barriers that separate us from our fellow creatures, by capturing each animal - whether bird, reptile, or giant cat - in an intimate and breath-taking atmosphere. His shots are assembled in a photographic album, Fragile, first place winner of the International Photography Awards (IPA). In this work, the artist offers us beautiful yet humble images that give animals all the dignity they deserve. The images remind us that we are not the centre of the universe and that our most important challenge is protecting the complex ecosystem of which we are just a tiny part.


Geometric surrealism

Andrea Pavan has made organising space into a form of artistic expression. His photographs link architectural space with graphic geometry in a harmony that gives those spaces the feel of a film set where little shadows are performing. Photography is for him a tool that allows for communicating immediate thoughts which graphic art then translates into a fantastic vision. His creations allow him to explore the infinite possibilities of virtual space in order to reveal there a new point of view on geometric space.

About the artwork

A professional architect, Italian artist Andrea Pavan specialises in conceptual photography. Fascinated by geometry and the notion of space, he plays with codes to create a surreal world in which light plays the starring role. To illustrate this series, the artist chose to quote American author Dan Brown: “Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.”


Architectural witness

The son of expats, Thibaud Poirier grew up in contact with different cultures and different landscapes. His travels allowed him to develop a strong interest in architecture and urban environments. He expresses his passion through his photographic works which immortalise the beauty and the energy of the places captured in his photos. Facades of Parisian theatres or stunning interiors of churches or libraries, the photos of Thibaud Poirier are true witnesses to our urban history. Choosing to create photos completely empty of any human presence allows him to give his shots a particular atmosphere, tinged with nostalgia, through which he is able to show his own vision of what a specific place is. In this way, he offers truly surrealistic and timeless portraits of architectural structures which give the spectator a sense of immersion into the hearts of monuments charged with history.

About the artwork

Born in Paris, French photographer Thibaud Poirier is passionate about travel. For this series, he roams Europe in search of historic sites of knowledge. In Rome, he visited the hundred-year old libraries Angelica and Casanatense and in Dublin the famous Trinity College Library, the largest in Ireland. Finally, in Berlin, he captured a new generation of architecture when he visited the University of Applied Sciences and the central library of Grimm Zentrum.

Ruslan lobanov

Clothed nakedness

For Ruslan Lobanov , “Nothing is more unveiling than nudity, even clothed nudity”. His photographic work highlights the sensuality of the female body by playing with the eroticism that comes with black and white. His cinematographically inspired shots are true wordless stories. These stories break the codes and give women a freedom of body that lets them showcase their strength and free them from all restrictions. This approach has earned the photographer the opportunity to create some remarkable collaborations with Playboy magazine and cosmetics group L’Oréal.

About the artwork

Many influences emanate from the work of Ukrainian photographer Ruslan Lobanov. Among them are film and fashion, but also and above all the self-aware eroticism of superstar Helmut Newton. A fervent admirer of the Australian photographer, Ruslan Lobanov has also made a name for himself with his black-and-white photographs of female nudes. Behind each shot, the staging and attitude of the characters tell a story whose dénouement is left up to the viewer’s imagination.