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27 Photographs Shark

Venture to the depths of the ocean and discover our collection of shark photography.

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Shark 27 Photographs

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  • Numbered limited editions

    All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.


Discover the Shark Photo Collection

Sharks, with their powerful jaws and sharp teeth, are fearsome creatures. In warm waters or in the polar sea, near the reef or in the middle of the ocean, sharks captivate both surfers and swimmers alike. Squale or carcharias, flat-nosed or white, all species offer striking photos. From the terrifying hammerhead shark to the cute zebra shark, discover our photographs which highlight the imposing stature of this species amidst other fish.

Our Shark-loving Marine Photographers

This predator is a strong source of inspiration for artists who dare to capture both its beauty and its power.

Photographer Euan Rannachan offers impressive shots of a shark with its mouth open, eyes filled with anger, ready to attack its prey. The images are both captivating and fascinating, notably because despite these animals having a cruel reputation, they are becoming highly endangered. A known name in underwater photography, artist JOHN KOWITZ plays on angles to emphasize the silhouette and distinctive fin of a shark swimming in the depths. RODNEY BURSIEL captures more lively moments. Alongside a whale or other fish, he captures sharks merging with the flow of the surrounding waters.

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