It was in 2002, on a student exchange programme in Montana (USA) that the young Stefan Christmann fell in love with the landscapes of the Great North, wildlife, and nature in general. On his return to Germany, his native country, he inherited a Minolta reflex camera from his dad and started learning the basics of photography. This passion gradually took up more and more of his time. In 2012, a recent graduate of physics, he spent 15 months in Antarctica working as a researcher and taking numerous photographs. Spotted by the BBC, this and his scientific background allowed him to join a crew filming the emperor penguin and to return to the land of icebergs. “For me, photography is a powerful tool,” he explains. “It enables me not only to convey emotions but also to tell all kinds of stories.” Like that of this endearing animal that is able to survive in a profoundly hostile world – photos of which have earned their author publication in National Geographic Magazine and numerous awards, including the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2019 Portfolio Award.  ... See more See less