christopher johnson

Three dolphins


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Hawaii, États-Unis, Amérique

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"A pod of dolphins swimming just off the coast of Kona in the morning. The ocean was clear, made up of beautiful shades of blue. It was a perfect setup for photographing these majestic animals.
It wasn't without its difficulties. I made 7 different excursions. Most of the time, the dolphins were nowhere to be seen, and I discovered that the presence of the tiger sharks had discouraged them. Other times, they were there, but my shutter settings were too slow. I came away with a large number of blurred images. Nothing could be more frustrating. This last trip was a great success."


About the artwork

It is off the coast of Hawaii, where he lives, that Christopher Johnson takes most of his photos. Surrounded by the ocean, the archipelago is frequently visited by dolphins. Thanks to his aerial shots, the photographer combines the beauty of the ocean and its multiple variations of blue with the playfulness of the dolphins swimming in complete freedom.

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