Is there another animal on Earth more impressive in strength and beauty than the lion? Explore our exceptional images of felines with imposing manes, to embellish your interior. Find yourself in the midst of a desert safari, with our images of the king of the savannah.

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Our Finest Images of Lions to Adorn Your Walls

Throughout history, the African lion has been a source of fascination for explorers and enthusiasts, but also photographers. This is how, by tracking animal beauty, YellowKorner’s photographers offer you a collection of extraordinary images of lions. Within an interior decor, these images will dress up a blank wall, giving it warmth, taste, and ferocity. Facing these images, you will almost feel the fear making the hairs of your arms bristle, or sense the soft touch of the royal pelt.

Our Wildlife Photographers’ Passion for Lions

It is in their natural habitat that famous photographers like Laurent Baheux capture rare and ephemeral natural scenes of lions, lionesses, and cubs. In this way, he intends to capture the magnificence of this animal. Laurent Baheux’s wildlife photography is similar to portraiture. He captures animals, lions, lionesses, tigers, and other felines of the savannah in black and white. Through his lens, the adult males seem as close as possible to the viewer, as though they could reach out and touch them. Caught in their natural environment, the lions seem settled, calm, and ever so gentle.

The Wildlife photographer Lukas Holas also represents photos of lions in black and white. His wildlife photography is full of poetry. Like none other, he captures the gaze of these ferocious animals – which are nevertheless full of tenderness. An image that contrasts with that of Pedro Jarque Krebs, who presents a lion with his jaws wide open. These photographs of lions seem to be ready to engulf the viewer, to leap out of the frame. This time, the artist chooses to leave the lion in colour, but places him outside of his natural habitat, beyond the South African savannah or the Middle East, set against a deep black backdrop.

Among the broad selection of animal photographs offered in numbered limited edition by YellowKorner, you can discover all the facets of these feline kings.

Also find photographs of elephants, photographs of giraffes and photographs of zebras.  These images from the collection are available in several formats and finishes. These photos of lions, in closest proximity with nature, suit all styles of decor and will always lead you into a fascinating wilderness…

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