In pursuit of the beauty of animals, YellowKorner's artists offer a collection of photographs of elephants.

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Photographs of African and Asian elephants

Wild, touching, and natural, wildlife photography differs from traditional photography in that the subject is constantly unpredictable and sometimes temperamental. This practice, known as photographic hunting, was developed in the early 1890s. They include images of zebras, giraffes and also elephants. Through this series, our artists offer photographs of one of the largest and most fascinating animals in the world in black and white, in colour, by day, and by night. The African elephant embodies the spirit of the continent's last truly wild landscapes. The Loxodonta africana occupies the savannah whereas the Loxodonta cyclotis inhabits the forests of Africa. Also found in Asian regions, these animals are a national symbol and an image of wisdom for certain cultures. Their trunk, used to catch objects or ingest water and their powerful tusks make this animal a source of inspiration in the world of wildlife photography. Our work immortalises this species from many angles, walking with the herd, lying against a log or with their family, alongside their babies and young.

Our passionate elephant wildlife photographers

Quiet and passionate, the photographers explore the largest national parks with as much patience as discretion. Captured in the wild, the beauty of elephants is caught by our artists against an idyllic backdrop.

Laurent Baheux has always been fascinated by Africa and its safaris and has travelled throughout Tanzania in search of its majestic wildlife. His images of elephants, but also of , lions, are captivating and poetic. The artworks of the famous Brazilian photographer Jackson Carvalho are also linked to this modern use of wildlife photography. He captures elephants beautifully against the desert sunset. Be mesmerised by photographer Arno Elias’ collection of works entitled "I'm not a Trophy". Dedicated to the protection of animals, he mixes photographs and colourful paintings to create poignant images. The intention is to raise awareness about the gradual extinction of the most noble species on our planet. YellowKorner is a proud partner of this project and is pleased to offer you these unique illustrations.

Browse this new limited and numbered collection, available in a wide range of formats. Choose from home or in store delivery for an efficient and cost effective service.

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