Bart Debo


Bart Debo started photography late in life, when he was nearly in his fifties. But in the same way that youth is no indicator of talent, neither is age. After taking evening classes, he developed his photography activity in Courtrai, Belgium, where he lives, works, and regularly exhibits his work. He likes to multiply his sources of inspiration and works on eclectic projects: he is as comfortable at photographing lions in South Africa as trees in the forest near his home, people rushing in the subway, or incongruous situations at swimming pools. The procedure he uses, however, is always the same: based on a real photo, he enhances it using digital procedures, mainly Photoshop and Lightroom, to make a new, original artwork. He often cites the words of famous photographer Ansel Adam (1902–1984) who said, “you don’t take a photo, you make it.” Bart Debo has made this his motto.  ... See more See less