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About the Artist


What made you want to do wildlife photography?
I think that for a wildlife photographer, the greatest satisfaction is to be able to convey not only the beauty of animals, but also the message that is implicit within them, which is that of t...

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About the artwork

A philosophy graduate from the Sorbonne in Paris, Peruvian photographer Pedro Jarque Krebs has won numerous photography awards throughout his career, notably thanks to his captivating portraits of wild animals, wishing to restore some of their stolen dignity to them (Sony World Photography Awards, Prix de la Photo PX3, Moscow International Foto Awards, International Photography Awards, and National Geographic Photographer of the Month). The darkness of the backdrop and the play of light and shade allow the photographer to create the atmosphere necessary to take an emotional approach to this lion. According to an African legend, white lions are the messengers of the gods and they bring happiness and luck to anyone who sees one.Shot of a young albino lion with its head held high, out of its natural environment and set against a black backdrop.

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