Urban meandering

Ludwig Favre and Franck Bohbot take us on a photographic promenade through urban landscapes with pictorial overtones, midway between Wes Anderson's soft colours and Edward Hopper's melancholic New York.

The two Frenchmen share a common love for the timeless beauty of the American landscape, which they have both been travelling across for many years. From Franck Bohbot's pubs et diners to Ludwig Favre's amusement parks , discover urban landscapes at the limits of reality.


Art history, multimedia and audiovisual studies, but also the transmission of a passion between a father and his son were the means that trained the photographer’s eye, sensitive to the reproduction of picturesque landscapes. Photographic practice allows Ludwig Favre to record “slices of life” that he likes to capture in a spontaneous way, on his many travels. Notably the ones produced between France and the United States, where he feels at home.

He chooses here the famous amusement park near New York, Luna Park, as his main subject: pastel tones, in reference to the fifties, America’s golden age.

"I love cities, smells, noise, the atmosphere that is different every time. I love places with a soul and a story to tell. Through the diversity of perspectives of constructed space that it offers, photography allows us to bear witness of the world we live in."


Born in the suburb of Paris, Franck Bohbot set down his suitcases in 2013 in the borough of Brooklyn in New York. Since 2008, he has been recognised for his photographs in colour of urban scenes and public spaces. Fascinated by cinematic iconography, he focuses his creation around the relationship between individuals and architecture.

Each series contains this same photographic intention: their enigmatic atmosphere, documentary approach and timeless character evoke a cosy, dreamlike, and almost unfathomable space, as though taken straight from a dream.

“Architecture is everywhere, in every city, from megalopolises to the tiniest of villages, I photograph architecture because I am passionate about the act of documenting buildings, interiors, and the soul of a neighbourhood with my eyes.”