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70 Photographs France

France: the country where every year a number of events take place for the greatest pleasure of urban photography enthusiasts.
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Results: 70 Artworks

France: the country where every year a number of events take place for the greatest pleasure of urban photography enthusiasts. France: the country where at the bend of every street there are mythical places to be engraved in memory, or better still, in photographs. Its Parisian cafés and sports events photographed by the photographer L'Equipe Presse Sports: so many places and events to cover. It is also the leitmotiv of several professionals of artistic photography such as Laurent Dequick and Guillaume Dutreix . If we are more used to seeing Paris and the Eiffel Tower in pictures, other cities are also celebrated with the same fervour. Each province, with its landscapes of montains, beaches Serge Ramelli . What France has more than many other countries: its architecture. Of its historical journey, France has preserved the most beautiful traces of its rise through time. Its Haussmann-style buildings leave no stone unturned. So much so that the architectural style has caught the trained eye of urban photographers. Immersing the spectator in dreams , each photograph invites to imagine the daily life of city dwellers behind the walls. The Gamma agency is at the heart of the system, immortalizing every event that takes place in France, in the capital as well as elsewhere in the provinces. If you are a fervent admirer of black and white photos, in this case the Leon and Levy collection is just what you need. At YellowKorner, you can also find limited edition photos with a certificate of authenticity. These include photos by renowned photographers such as Franck Bohbot . And if you have a weakness for photos where colours are in the limelight, then the artistic photos by Vladislav Spivak are among the most recommended.